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Garden Wedding at Lone Pine Hotel, Penang

In a Nutshell
Beautiful, relaxed, natural, low density. Want a garden and a beach? There’s both here.


As a KL person, I had not heard much about the Lone Pine Hotel before, so I did not know what to think when I arrived. Even though I put up at a hotel nearby, I had a hard time looking for the entrance to Lone Pine Hotel because it was hidden behind market stalls along this end of the Batu Ferringhi road. Finally after following the instructions on my GPS, I spotted the hotel signage behind traffic lights, turned in and was really surprised. It was love at first sight for me with the red brick car park and hanging plants.

My anticipation increased as I walked towards the reception to meet up with the event coordinator.

Built in 1948, Lone Pine Hotel was the first hotel to be built on the Batu Ferringhi beach. Originally a bungalow owned by one McKearn family, the property was purchased to be operated as a family-run hotel on Batu Ferringhi. It was said that the hotel was named when a Casuarina tree, found alone on the land, was mistakenly thought to be a pine tree.

Starting out with only ten rooms, the Lone Pine Hotel served mainly British residents and sailors during their port calls. It was also a tropical haven for expatriates fleeing the severe winters of home. After going through phases of refurbishment, the last one being late 2010, the hotel today boasts only 90 exclusive rooms with either a seafront view, private courtyard or balcony.

Very relaxed is how I would describe the environment at Lone Pine Hotel. It was a weekend when I went, and despite the presence of a modest amount of hotel patrons (after all there are only 90 rooms here) splashing about the pool and walking on the beach, I felt completely at ease. I will almost go as far to say that the all-white buildings, tall trees and sea breeze made my blood pressure drop by a few notches.

Couples typically pick Lone Pine Hotel for a garden wedding, with the option of a sunset reception under an arch facing the beach. To cater for rainy days, a marquee is typically rented from the hotel and can sit about 50-60 persons. I was lucky enough to obtain some photos from my friend’s wedding in Lone Pine Hotel to share with you on this site. With the white table clothes, white chairs, transparent marquee, grass, beach and sea breeze as part of your decoration and ambience, you can only imagine how easy it will be for your guests to forget worries of work and life while they celebrate your union with you.

Paper lanterns and fairy lights lend a romantic effect to your private dinner while you treat your guests to dinner, champagne, stories, great company and fireworks (which the hotel can arrange for you). If you love peace and quiet, nature, the sea and prefer to have your banquet on grass instead of sand, having a wedding at Lone Pine Hotel is a great option.

Other photos of Lone Pine Hotel:

Side view of one of the hotel wings

Another view of the hotel wings

The open air corridor outside the function room

Rooms on top of the Lone Pine Hotel Lobby

Marquee on the garden

Swimming Pool